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  1. Brewer Wanted for craft Brewery in Ohio
  2. Great Brewing Opportunity In China
  3. Brewer needed- Asheville startup in the works
  4. Head Brewer Wanted
  5. Need Rogue Brewmaster, 6-figure compensation package
  6. Brewer & Asst Brewer for an already operational brewpub in India
  7. Brewmaster Needed - NY Area
  8. Brewer/Filler Operator Wanted
  9. Brewing Operator
  10. Experienced Brewer - San Diego
  11. Experienced Head Brewer Needed for an Exciting International Opportunity in India
  12. Fish Brewing Seeks Head Brewer
  13. Looking for partners to open brewpub in Indy
  14. Whisky Distillery Expert - Canada
  15. Brewer Wanted
  16. Talented Brewmaster needed! Farmhouse/sour ale brewery
  17. Seeking enthusiastic head brewer for new BOP In Columbus Ohio!
  18. Asst. Brewer Needed
  19. Head Brewer in Montana
  20. Brewer/Assistant Brewer Court Avenue Brewing Company - Des Moines, IA
  21. BrewMaster Needed for Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  22. Brewer/Distiller: Philadelphia
  23. Head Brewer Needed for Exciting, Entrepreneurial Opportunity in India
  24. Brewing Supervisor
  25. Account Manager - Phoenix
  26. Senior Brewer
  27. Rahr & Sons 2nd/3rd shift Cellar Man Needed
  28. Maryland Beach Beer
  29. NYC area brewery needs 2nd shift brewer
  30. Mankato Brewery (South Central MN)
  31. Brewer - Aviator Brewing Company
  32. Brewing Laboratory Chemist Position
  33. Brewer- Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
  34. Triad NC
  35. Experienced Brewer, Kenai Alaska
  36. Triumph Brewing, Philadelphia
  37. Triangle NC
  38. Brewery Consultant Needed
  39. Head Brewer Position for Northern New Jersey
  40. If you only like making beer, this is not the job for you…
  41. BrewMaster Needed for Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  42. Assistant Brewer needed Sedona, AZ
  43. New Saint Paul, MN startup microbrewery seeking Full time Brewer/Head Brewer
  44. Silver City Brewery seeks Experienced Brewer
  45. Brewer Wanted at Dock Street- Philadelphia
  46. Looking for head brewer for Nano Brewery in Chicago
  47. Austin, TX Brewery seeks Experienced Shift Brewer
  48. Full Time Brewer Wanted - Central Virginia - Change the World With Good Beer
  49. Assistant Brewer wanted in Williamsburg, VA
  50. Boston, MA: Brewer wanted
  51. Head Brewer Needed for Exciting, Entrepreneurial Opportunity in India
  52. Blackthorn Brewing looking for an experienced head brewer
  53. Brewer - Dry Dock Brewing
  54. Block 15 Brewing Entry Level Brewing/Cellar position
  55. Brewer needed - Denmark
  56. Cabinet Artisanal: Seeking Head Brewer
  57. Brewer to manage 10bbl brewery in Alaska
  58. Oskar Blues Brewery Shift Brewers; Brevard, NC Brewery Location
  59. Brewing Supervisor
  60. Brewing Operator
  61. Account Manager - Phoenix
  62. Cellarperson/brewer needed
  63. Head Brewer Wanted for New Start Up in NE Wyoming!
  64. Master Brewer Required St Petersburg, Florida
  65. Experienced Brewer Wanted
  66. Assistant / Brewer
  67. Heavy Seas looking for Shift Brewer
  68. Experienced Production Brewer - Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley, CA
  69. Head Brewer Needed for Exciting, Entrepreneurial Opportunity in India
  70. Head Brewer Wanted for a San Diego based brewery.
  71. Looking for a Brewer in North-Side Chicago
  72. Head Brewer needed in Mts of Colorado
  73. Packaging Supervisor
  74. Head Brewer needed in Stowe VT
  75. Packaging Manager
  76. Assistant Brewer/Cellarperson - Gananoque ONTARIO
  77. August Schell Brewing Co. in need of a great brewer
  78. Brewers assistant needed
  79. 25,000 bbl/year brewery seeks a Head Brewer
  80. Brewer position
  81. NYC area brewery needs 2nd shift brewer
  82. Head brewer needed for startup brewpub
  83. Montana Brewing Co. Head Brewer
  84. Brewmaster/Director of Brewing Operations - DC Area
  85. Brewer Wanted
  86. Head Brewer needed in Sioux Falls, SD
  87. San Diego head brewer sought
  88. Brewer Needed for Belgian-Style Start-up in Boulder County, Colorado
  89. Montana Brewing Co. Head Brewer
  90. Assistant Brewer Needed, Ottawa, Ontario
  91. Brewer position, Northern California
  92. Wind River Brewing Co. Assistant Brewer
  93. Assistant Brewer
  94. Head Brewer Wanted Minneapolis/Saint Paul Area
  95. Fish Brewing looking for Head Brewer
  96. Passionate Brewer Required
  97. Head Brewer Position in Ohio
  98. Brewing & Yeast Technician
  99. Brewer/Cellar Person Wanted
  100. San Diego Brewer/Filter Technician
  101. Assistant Brewer Needed!
  102. Head Brewer Required - Oxfordshire Ales (UK)
  103. Head Brewer Needed for Exciting, Entrepreneurial Opportunity in India
  104. Brewer/Assistant needed in beautiful Big Sky, Montana
  105. Brewer - Portland, OR
  106. Brewer - Poulsbo, WA
  107. Modern Times Beer seeks Head Brewer in San Diego
  108. Lead Brewer
  109. Bonfire Brewing (Eagle, CO) Hiring Asst. Brewer
  110. NEED a Master Brewer! -South Florida
  111. BREWERS NEEDED, New microbrewery in Ottawa
  112. Brewers Needed, Montreal area
  113. Brewer needed at The Shipyard
  114. Head Brewer Needed in Rochester, MI
  115. Head Brewer Wanted in NJ
  116. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Hiring
  117. Thunder Road Brewing Australia - Lead Brewer And Assistant Brewer Positions
  118. Head Brewer- Thunder Road Brewing Co- Australian And Global Operations
  119. P/T Consulting Brewer Wanted
  120. New Texas BBQ Brewpub Start-Up Looking for Brewpub Manager/Brewer
  121. Needed: Rogue Brewmaster - 6 Figure Compensation and Benefits
  122. Brewer at West Sixth Brewing in Lexington, KY
  123. Denver Beer Co., Denver, CO, is seeking a Brewer for our expanding brewery
  124. South Pacific Kingdom Needs Brewer
  125. Head Brewer and Brewers Assistant
  126. Head Brewer needed in western Massachusetts
  127. Brew Master, Capital Brewery, Middleton, Wisconsin
  128. Senior Quality Analyst
  129. Filter Technician - San Diego, CA
  130. Fully funded start up in NW Chicago looking for Head Brewer
  131. Looking for Experienced Brewer in West Tennessee
  132. Lead Brewer Wanted on Cape Cod (MA)
  133. Shift Brewer - Berkeley, CA
  134. ownership opportunity for head brewmaster
  135. ownership opportunity for head brewmaster
  136. Devils Backbone is Seeking a Production Brewer
  137. Canadian Production Brewer Needed
  138. Off-Centered Brewing Supervisor!
  139. Northwest Brewery seeks Head Brewer
  140. Brewmaster needed in Vancouver BC
  141. Head Brewer
  142. Head Production Brewer wanted in Atlanta (Decatur)
  143. Assistant Brewer with formal education
  144. Head Brewer Opportunity - Louisiana
  145. Shift Brewer Needed in Washington, DC
  146. Head Brewer position in Estes Park, CO
  147. Start-up Needs Head Brewer
  148. Passionate and Experienced Brewer needed for Start Up
  149. Lead Brewer Needed at Santa Fe Brewing Company
  150. Otter Creek Brewing, VT- Shift Brewer
  151. Assistant Brewer
  152. Head Brewer for UK
  153. Production Brewer
  154. Head Brewer needed for Micro start-up in West Okoboji, IA
  155. Brewing Operator
  156. Brewing position in Detroit area
  157. Assistant Brewer position at Cambridge Brewing Company, Cambridge, MA
  158. Black Raven Brewing Seeking Additional Bird For Flock
  159. Assistant Brewer
  160. Account Manager - Tucscon
  161. Head Brewer Needed in CO
  162. Brewer Needed
  163. Distillery Asst. Manager
  164. Lead brewer needed in Atlanta startup
  165. Opportunities for travelers in Australia for Brewery Start up
  166. Seeking Brewmaster/Partner – WI/IL
  167. Head Brewer needed in Kansas City
  168. ownership opportunity for head brewmaster
  169. Experienced brewer wanted Alexandria Va.
  170. Shift Brewer wanted for growing, established brewery
  171. Denver Area brewery in planning - looking for Head Brewer
  172. Brewer wanted in NYC Area (ownership possibility)
  173. Los Angeles Area Assistant Brewer
  174. Head Brewer/Director of Operations - DC Area
  175. Brewer Needed for 5 Seasons Brewpub in Atlanta
  176. Opportunity awaits under the Big Sky
  177. Looking for German Brewmaster
  178. Boston-Area Startup Looking for Head Brewer
  179. Canadian Brewery looking for a brewer
  180. Exciting Job Opening for a Master Brewer in Singapore!
  181. Brewer at Early Stage Production Brewery in Alabama
  182. The Bruery – Seeking A Brewer Of Character And Depth
  183. San Francisco Area Brewery Seeking New Head Brewer
  184. Assistant Brewer
  185. Production Brewer
  186. New Northwest Arkansas brewpub looking for head brewer-Apple Blossom Brewing Company
  187. Packaging Tech Needed - Los Angeles
  188. Account Manager - Asheville
  189. Head Brewer Opening in Northern NJ / Nyack NY for Micro Brewery openning, April 2013
  190. Assistant Brewer needed in new start up in San Diego
  191. More Brewers for Duck-Rabbit!
  192. Western Canadian Brewery looking for head brewer
  193. Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington looking for Head brewer
  194. Head Brewer Opportunity
  195. HEAD BREWER for PASADENA, CA brewpub
  196. Ownership opportunity for head brewmaster
  197. Head Brewer - BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery – Chandler, AZ
  198. Brewing Opportunities at the Samuel Adams Pennsylvania Brewery
  199. Brewing Intern - Atlanta, GA
  200. Shanghai Brewery is looking for a full-time brewmaster in Shanghai, China
  201. Victory Brewing Company- Production Brewer
  202. Production Brewer
  203. Victory Brewing Company- Assistant Brewer
  204. Production Brewer - Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth NH
  205. Head Brewer wanted for Ishpeming, MI
  206. HEAD BREWER- Lake Havasu City, AZ
  207. Head Brewer - Southern Colorado Brewpub
  208. Brewer's Assistant Needed with clean driving record
  209. Head Brewer/Operations Manager Needed - Chicago, IL
  210. Experienced Brewer needed for Louisiana Start-Up
  211. Head Brewer Position in WI
  212. 4 Hands Brewing Company is looking to add another member to the team, STL MO
  213. Hangar 24 Brewery Seeks Brewer
  214. brewer needed in NY
  215. Assistant Brewer wanted-Mission Brewery San Diego
  216. Head Brewer needed - Tübinger Microbrews - Santiago, Chile
  217. Head Brewer Wanted
  218. Assistant Brewer Needed in Downtown Los Angeles
  219. Appalachian Brewing Company
  220. Angel City Brewery - Bartenders/Managers/Brewery Staff
  221. Shift Brewer - Berkeley, CA (North American Breweries)
  222. Experienced Brewer Needed- West Coast of Canada!
  223. Head Brewer
  224. Lead Brewer - Redhook Brewing, Woodinville WA
  225. Production Brewer - Baxter Brewing Co. - Lewiston, Maine
  226. Headbrewer - Buffalo, NY
  227. Partner for farm brewery
  228. Seeking Master Brewer
  229. Head Brewer / Director of Operations - Washington D.C. Area
  230. Head Brewer Tampa Production Brewery
  231. Assistant Masher/Brewer Needed - Little Rock, Arkansas
  232. Experienced Brewer needed for Louisiana Start-Up
  233. Head Brewer !!
  234. Trumer Brauerei Intern (full time) and Part-time position openings
  235. Brewmaster wanted for fully funded Northeast Indiana startup
  236. Haed Brewer Position
  237. Brewer, Boulder Beer Company
  238. Brewer/Start Up Consultant needed in Mass
  239. Head brewer needed
  240. Trumer Brauerei - Brewer needed
  241. Rogue Ales - Future Brewer
  242. Brew Master/ Manager for Dockyard Brewing in Bermuda
  243. Head Brewer/Manager
  244. Distillers and Distillery Interns
  245. Brewer (with a vaild Class 4 or 5 Steam Engineer Ticket in B.C.)
  246. Head brewer wanted in Flagstaff, AZ
  247. Crazy Mountain Brewery is Hiring Full Time Brewer
  248. California Brewery Start Up
  249. Sand Creek Brewing Company needs you! (Brewer)
  250. Assistant Brewer in Durango, CO