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04-01-2015, 04:00 PM
EDIT: Anyone who is planning to or has already purchased the brewery business plan will receive the full $199 credit toward using the software once it has been released. The software should be released at the latest by mid October if not sooner.

Press Release - 4/1/2015 - BreweryBusinessPlan.com (http://brewerybusinessplan.com)

BreweryBusinessPlan.com Announces 'Genesis' - Software Designed To Help Brewery Startups Build Quality Business Plans In Just A Few Hours

It may be April Fool's Day, but this is no joke for people looking to break onto the craft brew scene. BreweryBusinessPlan.com head designer and developer, Jeff Lever, announced today the company plans to unveil an entirely new software package designed to help people enter the craft beer industry more easily, cost effectively, and faster than ever before. "This will definitely be a game changer," said Jeff. "No one's ever built anything like this software that will cater specifically to the craft beer industry." No doubt that's bad for the likes of the macrobreweries that have seen their marketshare dwindle as more and more craft breweries carve out their place in the market. According to Jeff, the main problem with business planning is the shear number of hours, information, and costs involved. "When I first started the design of the original Brewery Business Plan a few years ago, I'd never of believed it would take as long as it did nor be as in depth as it was. Just the task of gathering the knowledge to make informed decisions in the plan took weeks of time from multiple sources, and many of those sources were neither free nor easy to find." After selling dozens of business plans, the company noticed a trend emerging among it's customer base. Clients consistently wanted to know how long it would take them to alter and customize the plan to fit their particular business model. "Customizing the plan is an inevitability. The beauty of the plan is certain sections of the brewery business plan can be completely copied [such as those on industry wide statistics/trends/marketing/etc], while other sections act as a road map to remove the writer's block associated with producing such an indepth document. The plan has always represented a tremendous value based on the tons of time it saves people designing their own plan. Genesis is the natural evolution of the Brewery Business Plan. It will make the process of producing a slam dunk business plan that you can take to investors, financiers, [etc] easier than ever. We're very excited about the prospects."

Software Pricing

When considering the pricing of the software, the company didn't want to alienate any potential clients. "We haven't decided whether to do a flat fee or offer monthly services. Either way, we feel the software represents a tremendous value. We've had customers who've purchased the Brewery Business Plan tell us they'd have paid as much as $1500 for the information included in the plan [which costs $199]. The Genesis software's foundation is rooted in the original Business Plan, but takes the customization, tools, information, and just about everything else to an entirely new level. Not only will people have the business plan to use as examples, they'll have an easy to use interface that automatically updates their very own version of the Brewery Business Plan. With the questionnaire that is used to customize the plan, it's literally like having a brewing consultant hold your hand throughout the entire process. Obviously, the pricing will ultimately be higher than the $199 price tag of the Brewery Business Plan, but we don't want to price anyone out of the market. We'll also continue offering the Brewery Business Plan for people who are on a tight budget."

Adding Value - Genesis Isn't Just For Designing Your Brewery Business Plan

The Genesis software package will not only be used to design the initial business plan, but also project the business plan 5 years into the future. Genesis will have more than a dozen tools that cover everything from forecasting and planning to scheduling and marketing. "That's just the beginning," says Jeff, "The software is intended not only to help people get started in craft beer faster than ever before, it's also designed to help them grow faster once they're operational. At this point, we're not ready to reveal all of the tools that will be included with the software as some are proprietary - really cool stuff that the brewing industry has never been seen before." Perhaps one of the most interesting reasons that Genesis represents such a tremendous value to breweries-in-planning may just be what it tells you not to do. Business startups often face a rocky road - many end in failure, but Jeff has high hopes for his new software, "Many new startups fail from a combination of undercaptialization and poor planning. Our software won't allow people to unwittingly make those mistakes." In some instances, the software may even represent a hard truth by preventing people from getting in over their heads. "It's true. Some people will absolutely hate Genesis, because Genesis will tell them, 'sorry, you're not ready for this industry.' The silver-lining is that while the customer will have spent a few hundred dollars with us, we may have saved them from making a mistake that could have lead to financial ruin, or convinced them to wait until a point when they're 100% ready."

Genesis Capabilities and Features

Easy To Use - A user-friendly interface guides you through the entire business plan development process. Complete with a questionnaire, explanation of each section's purpose, and explanation of the example plan's items - it's never been easier to design the components of a business plan.
Advanced Customization - The software consists of hundreds of algorithms - small programs that help with everything from forecasting to determining the solvency of your plan. The software allows customization of almost every element of the plan. Customize things like brewhouse size, production schedules, capacity, sales forecasting, cost analysis, and much more.
Mistake Avoidance & Active Recommendations - The software proactively monitors the plan for pitfalls, mistakes, errors, and other problems that may impact the success of the brewery.
Calculations - Advanced calculators provide estimations and default data on a wide range of topics. Updating many of Genesis's tools/projections/forecasts are as simple as changing a form's field value.
Free, Professional Support - Any issues with the software or questions about the software are answered free of charge with lightning fast turn around times.
..and much more! - Many features will be revealed once we get closer to the launch date of mid-October.

04-01-2015, 06:02 PM
Congrats on the launch, Jeff!

Being a geek myself, I have to say that I love anything that helps automate processes (and a complex one at that). Best wishes!

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04-08-2015, 08:45 AM
This sounds great! I'm looking at your website today as I'm in the midst of trying to do our biz plan myself and am feeling like I'm in over my head. Any release date planned for Genesis? As I might just wait to see what that costs before deciding to purchase your service for the business plan part only. TY

04-08-2015, 09:48 AM
Congrats on the launch, Jeff!

Being a geek myself, I have to say that I love anything that helps automate processes (and a complex one at that). Best wishes!


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Cheers, and thanks for the congrats everyone. I really think this will be a great tool for people trying to break into the industry.

This sounds great! I'm looking at your website today as I'm in the midst of trying to do our biz plan myself and am feeling like I'm in over my head. Any release date planned for Genesis? As I might just wait to see what that costs before deciding to purchase your service for the business plan part only. TY

Hi MrsG! Glad to hear you're interested in the business plan :) I plan on offering anyone who's already purchased the business plan a full credit towards the software once it's available. That way, if you're still interested in the plan, you can really learn the in's and out's of the plan without worrying about having to pay for 2 different items :)

Right now, I'm trying to have the software completed at the lastest by mid October. I've got most of it done already, but still need to make some headway on the security and accounting sections - as it will all be web based so partners can collude with each other on different sections of the plan. Trust me when I say it's going to have some very, very cool features that go well beyond just designing a business plan.

I'll keep everyone posted on the development of the different software items and how they're coming along on this thread, so make sure to keep an ear out for the latest news :)

09-18-2015, 10:36 AM

The software development of Genesis has been slower than expected. I apologize, but I've been bogged down with consulting gigs, keeping track of my 2 young sons, property renovations, and moving to a new house. To say that I've been short on time is an understatement :)

I'm still targeting Mid-Late October to begin testing the online software with a mid-Nov release date, and I'm looking for 2-3 breweries-in-planning to help with the process. I'll also be looking for recommendations from those 2-3 B.I.P.s for features, additions, or changes they'd like to see made to the software to make their lives easier - a brewery focus group if you will :)

I'm looking for specific company profiles to test the range of the software:
A) A nanobrewery w/ taproom - offers no food - up to 5 bbls in size - with $50k or less in startup capital
B) A production brewery w/ taproom - offers no food - 5 bbls - 30bbls - with $25k or more in startup capital
C) A brewpub which will offer both food and beer.

Based on the amount of time that's gone into developing the software, the software will be offered on a per company basis with up to 3 users per company at a price of $499 per company. The software will include a full copy of the brewery business plan currently priced at $199. Also, just to let everyone know, the price of the business plan will likely increase once the software has been released, but still be included free of charge when people purchase Genesis.

The 2-3 Breweries-In-Planning will receive the full copy of the brewery business plan we currently sell for $199. Also, they will receive $100 off the price of Genesis, 1.5 hours of free consulting services (a $113 value), and gain access to the software 3-4 weeks before anyone else - so trust me when I say this a really great offer. In return, the beta testers will be given full access to the software to build their business plans, and will keep me apprised of any glitches they may run into (which will hopefully be none!)

Please message me here or use the contact form on our website brewerybusinessplan.com (http://brewerybusinessplan.com) to let me know if you're interested in becoming a beta testing brewery-in-planning.



12-04-2015, 12:10 PM
Hi Folks,

UPDATE: Looking for 3 beta testers. If you've purchased the brewery business plan in the past, you'll be the first in line :) Second to that would be individuals with a significant amount of experience in the industry.

A number of you have expressed an interest in testing the software, please email me at jeff at brewerish dot com