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South Bay Biomics
09-29-2017, 04:44 PM
Probrewer.com Community

We are new to Probrewer.com and as a way of introducing ourselves to the membership, we are offering all members the opportunity to try our new service, FlavorDNA, at no charge. In exchange, we'd love your feedback.

Our company, South Bay Biomics Inc., provides comprehensive next-generation microbial analysis. Our service, FlavorDNA, is fast turn-around next-generation sequencing (NGS) on grain, hops, wort, pitch, yeast, water and/or green beer that gives brewers a full profile of yeast, mold and bacteria that can affect brew flavor consistency. We are also including surface testing (via a swab) as an option.

FlavorDNA highlights:
Very small sample sizes sequencing DNA from small samples
Fast turn-around, typically 2-5 days
We can test anywhere along pipeline
Some brewers are specifically interested in the lactic acid bacteria in pitch or green beer i.e. Farmhouse Ales
Species level information relating to yeast pitching, re-pitching
Mold or other containments
Identify any spoilage organisms
We are giving members three (3) samples at no charge; $150 each sample thereafter to cover final research costs. You can submit as many samples as you like. More information about FlavorDNA can be found on our website here, http://southbaybiomics.com/microbial-analysis-to-discover-your-brews-flavor-dna/

Would you like to participate? I'm available to chat further if you have any questions whatsoever.

Jodi Masters
Chief Marketing Officer
South Bay Biomics, Inc.