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  1. Annapolis Harvest Beer Fest & Home Brewing Championship Oct. 15 Sun. 2-6pm

    5289152892Please contact for the form and registration information. CHEERS
  2. Opening 3rd location: Brew Pub & Seafood Market Odenton MD Investor $75k for 6%return

    We have been in this business for a decade and know about food & craft beer. This is a unique opportunity for the right person to get in on a great opportunity with minimum time and investment. 2...
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    When you load up a tractor trailer of beer for the distributor and realize your take on the profit margin is a mere $750 you realize more focus on the tap room, developing brands, brewing some killer...
  4. brewer mind state in need of a twist

    OK - You had me at 'brew'

    We started as a craft beer taproom on eastern shore (Chesapeake bay) then started brewing our own in a Nano 3 barrel system, and just recently opened a bigger location (6...
  5. Investment Opportunity for 3rd Location of Maryland Brewing Co worldwide distribution

    We are looking at opening our 3rd location in Maryland. This will encompass national distribution center for our award winning beers, a tasting room and commercial kitchen in an ideal location...
  6. Looking for Part Time Co-Brewer in Crisfield MD

    26819 Located blocks to the Chesapeake Bay, Crisfield is a quiet, small community that is proud to claim its the Crab Capital and that is where we brew some really great beers! Crab Shanty Pale...
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