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  1. New Internally Sealed Centrifugal Pumps - Inoxpa Hyginox SEN


    We just got in a new product that I know a bunch of you have asked about: internally sealed centrifugal pumps. Made by Inoxpa out of Spain, these pumps provide longer lasting seals and...
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    Suction Side Hose Length

    The best rule of thumb is try to match the inlet size of the pump with the hose size on the suction hose, second, use the shortest possible length of hose. This is more to do with cavitation that...
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    I looked at the video you posted. It sounds like...

    I looked at the video you posted. It sounds like a bearing in the motor.
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    I might be able to help. Can you please post a...

    I might be able to help.
    Can you please post a picture of the installation and a sound clip (or video) so I can hear the noise.
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    Up to 50% off select AOD pumps

    This month we’ve got a new item on a crazy sale. We’re introducing Portable AOD Pumps. These air powered pumps are serious power houses, able to move even the most viscous substances with...
  6. Hose

    At CPE Systems we have a couple of hose options you might be interested in. We have ContiTech Vintners hose and EPDM brewers hose. They both come either with or without Tri-Clamp ends.
    Feel free to...
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    Transfer and CIP pump


    First your math is a little off. 7 m3/h is only 30 GPM not 1856 gpm, but the curves you used are in m3/hr so it self corrected anyway.

    A few points

    1) the DWO/E 400 is way to big and...
  8. Rebuild-able heat exchanger


    We have these new ones in stock and can ship in a few days. They are fully rebuild-able.
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    By the way - and I know this is a little old now...

    By the way - and I know this is a little old now - we put together a blog post explaining cavitation a bit and recommend that anyone who is suffering from a similar problem check it out.

  10. A quick update for anyone interested: we’ve just...

    A quick update for anyone interested: we’ve just introduced a new shipping process for 1 and 1.5 HP C100MD and C114MD assemblies, which means that when you order one they now ship out within 24H...
  11. Now offering "quick ship" pump assemblies

    Starting this month we now offer 115v 3/4 HP C100MD as well as 1 and 1.5HP C100MD and C114MD pump assemblies as “quick ship” pumps. This means that if you order one, it will be on the truck...
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    Honestly, the main difference is going to be...

    Honestly, the main difference is going to be aesthetic. Carbon steel ones are painted and the paint can chip, which can result in rust spots if you don't re-coat it. Stainless steel wont chip and is...
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    Swivel joint clamp for racking arms

    We now have our swivel joint clamps available online.
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    Use a proper swivel joint clamp assembly

    You should use a swivel joint clamp assembly. It is an extra wide clamp with a teflon collar and then a envelope type gasket. These work great and the racking arm will swing even when tight.
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    Butterfly valve seat

    Send us a picture of the seat and the valve. We might be able to identify it for you.
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    Here is what you need to check

    1) Make sure you are running counter current flow. Wort running front to back and water running back to front.
    2) Check your water flow, you need at least 10 GPM (time how long it takes to fill 5...
  17. Waukesha 2065, Ezi-Action barrel pumps, and more - Black Friday All November Long

    We just put a couple of new items on our Black Friday sale that I thought someone here might get a kick out off.

    The first is our behemoth - a 15HP Waukesha 2065 pump and motor. It moves 250gpm...
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    CPE Systems has them as well.

    We have these as well. (in stock most of the time)
  19. C100MD with 1/2 HP TEFC motors for $475

    So this November we've got new sales all month long, and for the second week we put something up we thought you guys might be interested in: C100MD centrifugal pumps with 1/2 HP motors. These small...
  20. Pump Manual


    Who ever bought this pump from Mother K let us know and we will send you a Operations and Maintenance Manual.
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    Small FIP pump?

    Would a small flexible impeller pump work? If you need sanitary we have one but you probably don't so you could pick a brass one off of Amazon or a marine store for cheap.
  22. A twin screw pump

    I think a twin screw pump is probably the best way to go to the the flow and pressure you need.
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    NEW VFDs on clearance sale.

    Great timing

    We got a pallet load of VFDs from a local motor shop that just went out of business. They are a couple of years old but all brand new and still in the original boxes.

    We are...
  24. Up to 70% off REGEL-BELOIT VFDs, and more

    This October we're cleaning our warehouse and have put a BUNCH of our stock on sale at well below cost. We're talking 70% off VFDs (seriously, you can pick up a $2400 Spinmaster for $800), huge...
  25. Hey Jerry, give us a shout at and we will get you...

    Hey Jerry, give us a shout at and we will get you sorted out right quick. You can reach us at 1-800-668-2268.
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