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    Me too, please...

    If you'd be so kind to include


  2. Heat Exchanger

    Oops, Should've made it clear that I'll be brewing a lot of lager beers on this system.

    You're right, Bluedog, I've discovered that to have one made is very expensive, but I can only find...
  3. WANTED - Small 2-stage heat exchanger for 1.5bbl nano brewery


    As the header says, I'm looking to buy a small 2-stage heat exchanger (water/glycol) suitable for a nano brewery with a 1.5 bbl knock out capacity.

    I'll be brewing a lot of lager beers...
  4. Re...

    Boy these guys are quick...
  5. looking for an efficient mill, HX & glycol unit for a 40 Gal (150 litre) pilot system


    I'm trying to find a some decent, efficient equipment to support a 40 Gal (150 litre) pilot system.
    Any advice as to where I may find such equipment would be appreciated.

    Looking for...
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