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  1. Millipore Bevliner Lenticular Filter Housings

    For sale are two Millipore Bevliner filter housings in mint condition. Both hold 3 round 30" filter cartridges. 1.5" tri-clamp fittings. Bought new from Gusmer Enterprises in 2015 for $5,000 -...
  2. It sounds like you have a water pressure / flow...

    It sounds like you have a water pressure / flow issue. Do you have a regulator installed just prior to the centrifuge?

    Also, there are two orifices that control water flow to open and close the...
  3. Centennial, cascade, and galena for sale cy15 & cy16

    I have the following hops for sale. They are stored with and will ship from the listed supplier. Please direct all questions on pricing or otherwise to for pricing.
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    Lab Technician

    Job Title: QA / QC Lab Technician
    Position Type: Full time, Hourly
    Location: Amherst, WI
    Posting Date: 4/3/15 4/17/15

    Position Summary: The QA / QC Lab Technician is responsible for the...
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    Production Coordinator

    Job Title: Production Coordinator
    Position Type: Full time, salary
    Location: Amherst, WI
    Posting Date: 4/3/15 4/17/15

    Position Summary: The production coordinator will be responsible for...
  6. Central Waters is looking for a brewer

    Job Title: Brewer
    Position Type: Full time, hourly
    Location: Amherst, WI
    Posting Date: 10/29/14 11/12/14

    Position Summary: The brewer will be responsible for brewing wort and fermentation...
  7. H&K 30/6 Filler and Unipak Twist Rinser

    For sale - Holstein and Kappert 30 valve filler / 6 head crowner and Unipak twist rinser.

    Filler - we acquired this filler in 2009 - circa 1970s I am guessing. Single pre-evac, set up for 12 oz...
  8. Brewing position - Central Waters Brewing - Amherst, WI

    Central Waters Brewing Company is hiring an experienced brewer to join our brewing team.

    We are looking for an experienced brewer who will be responsible for daily brewhouse production and cellar...
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    St Pats corker / wire hooder

    Is anyone out there using the P45 Belgian Beer Corker from St Pats? We are also wondering about the G300 wire spinner. They say they won't give out references on "small" equipment like that so any...
  10. Cellar / Packaging Position for Central Waters Brewing Company

    Central Waters in Amherst, WI is looking for a full time employee to work in cellar operations and packaging.

    We are a production brewery started in 1998 currently doing ~6000bbls / year and...
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    If you want a full bodied and more robust...

    If you want a full bodied and more robust rootbeer dont forget to use honey in place of part of the sugar. For a five gallon batch I would use 4.5#'s of pure cane sugar and 1# of any clean honey,...
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