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  1. Brewer in North Texas, Dallas, Plano - 25+ years experience - Part time preferred

    I am a Brewmaster with more than 25 years of experience in craft brewing. I will consider any position, but prefer part-time employment. Located in North Texas area of Dallas - Fort Worth metro area....
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    ATP meter

    I researched this recently and Charm and Hygenia ATP meters seemed to be excellent choices, though I did not spend much time on the 3M model. The breweries I visited had Charm or ATP meters.
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    Need for flow meter

    Yes, measure the flow. I assume you are filtering. Recommend that you Measure DO.
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    Crazy Schedule

    Are you still offering that crazy, not family friendly schedule of nights and weekends only?
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    Brewery Management, North Texas

    Manager, Brewmaster, Brewer -- More than 25 years of Craft Brewing experience. Seek position in Dallas and North of Dallas.
  6. Brewmaster / Brewer / Cellarman available North Texas

    25+ Years experience operating microbreweries. Available in North Texas area.
  7. Texas- Experienced Brewer available in North Texas

    Brewer with 25+ years of experience in Craft Brewing available in North Dallas area.
  8. Cell count in yeast brink

    After the yeast is settled into a brink obtaining an accurate cell count can only be achieved after you mix the yeast to create a homogeneous blend of the yeast. Pumping the yeast bottom to top will...
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    HACCP in micros

    I looked into HACCP about 10 years ago. Quite involved to get certified, I believe. Demanding to create and implement. However, you can incorporate the principles into your company policy and...
  10. Where?

    Ecco that - where?
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    Seittz compatability Pall

    Hi. We have the Pall Supradisc. Are your filters compatable with that equipment (4 x 16"). Are your filters backflushable? How many backflushes can one expect to get out of a set, assume fined ale?,...
  12. Color Coding Equipment for Sanitation and Safety

    Does anyone have a good color scheme for color coding equipment for sanitation and safety?
    We have these plain white buckets of clear water, or acid? or paracetic? or caustic? whatever...and I hate...
  13. Keep it coming!

    Thanks. We are in Dallas.

    I have a $2000+ stainless order and I will send it to Brewers Hardware and Glacier and Nether for quotes.

    We have a Pall Supradisc filter on order. Looking forward to...
  14. Tri clamps vendors chemical suppliers ...

    Give your good vendors a boost! Send them biz.

    Just got a good price from Jerad ( on Goodyear hose.

    My boss likes St Pats low prices.
  15. Yeast pump choices

    After studying possibilities of a yeast pump, it looks like we'll be going with a peristaltic pump instead of a diaphragm pump. I am a little nervous about pumping yeast 65 feet through a 1" hose (or...
  16. Thread: yeast brinks

    by brewgood

    Warm it up

    Warm it up to pitching temp. That what I always did and what my reading suggested. I do not think I can document a problem using cold yeast- larger system now - but, why ever take a chance?
  17. Best Vendors- Stainless Fittings, Lab Supplies, General Supplies, Cleaning Supplies

    What are your favorite vendors? Are they low price, great quality or great quality with good prices? Note- for operating breweries.

    Over the years I've used many vendors. However, I am still...
  18. Still available?

    Hi. Is this pump still available? Please send pm.
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    What results did you get from your purchase or trial of the Scepter Yeast Counter?

    What results did you get from your purchase or trial of the Scepter Yeast Counter?
    Does the Scepter work on a daily, practical basis? Would you purchase it again if you had the choice?
    If you did...
  20. Load cells vs metering by pump

    The load cells sound great. I've been thinking of using a variable speed peristaltic pump to meter yeast into the knock out line, or pump directly from tank bottom of a fermentor into the knock out...
  21. Adaptability- Great!

    Love it Timm. Thanks for posting the pictures. They help explain a lot. I am also considering this option. One option I am considering is using a peristaltic pimp to move the yeast rather than a...
  22. Single or double diaphragm pump? Peristaltic?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think a double would be better than a single diaphragm?
    What do you think of peristaltic pumps? I like the cleanability of the peristaltic.
  23. Pumping Yeast out of 60 or 100 bbl tank with CO2

    In a small brewery CO2 pumping makes sense, but what happens when the tanks are bigger? A thick yeast slurry at the bottom of the tank can get pretty thick requiring a lot of pressure to move it...
  24. Does anybody pump their yeast?

    What pumps are best for collecting yeast into a brink, metering yeast from a brink or tank bottom into a brew?
  25. Yeast Brink Info Anyone?

    Still hoping for some feedback on yeast brinks and yeast pumps.
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