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  1. 1/2 a pallet left

    I have 1 pallet with 3 layers on it left. 612 bottles. MAKE AN OFFER!
  2. Price drop-- make an offer!

    We are ready to get this glass out of the warehouse even if we take a loss. MAKE AN OFFER!
  3. UPDATE--Good clean Bombers. 3400 bottles. Need them gone--UPDATE

    UPDATE---I've now been authorized to get this glass out of here, even if we have to take a loss. Make and offer! ---UPDATE

    Shipping info: The pallets are 44" x 56", and 51" high. They are class 65...
  4. 22oz / 650ml Amber glass bomber bottles *Price Drop*

    We are selling off a surplus of Bomber glass which we no longer have need for. Bottles are priced at $0.42 per bottle with 1224 bottles on a pallet, for a pallet price of $514.00. I have two full...
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