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  1. Bump it up. We had a ton of interest but the...

    Bump it up. We had a ton of interest but the brewery got crazy busy and I failed to follow up with several buyers.
  2. bump, bump, bump it up

    bump, bump, bump it up
  3. Zahm & Nagel 1000 CO2 Volume Meter For Sale

    For sale is a Zahm 1000 co2 volume meter. We acquired this with a large lot of equipment but never needed it. It hasn't been used in several years (at least) and probably needs it's gaskets replaced...
  4. bump it up

    bump it up
  5. 20bbl Newlands Serving Tank Bright Tank For Sale

    For sale is a 20 bbl Newlands single wall Serving Tank (Bright Tank). This tank has a gross volume of about 26 bbl and a usable volume around 22-23 bbls (NSI rates it at 19.4 bbl with 25% headspace)....
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    Spadoni 6 m/sq DE Filter For Sale

    For sale is our Spadoni DCBL 150 DE (diatomaceous earth) filter. It has horizontal screens and is a 6 sq/meter filter. We purchased this used but ended up going a different path for our filtration...
  7. Still looking...

    Still looking...
  8. Brewer Needed In Oklahoma City at Stonecloud Brewing

    Stonecloud Brewing Company is seeking an experienced brewer to join our ranks to help with the start-up process and brew once we are open. We are a brand new brewery in Oklahoma City and are just...
  9. Kettle Stack Condensate Manifold (Steam Condenser)

    We have a kettle stack condensate system for sale. This came with our 30 bbl brewhouse and we decided to go through the roof with our stack rather than condensate the steam inside the building. This...
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    GF Coolfit Plus For Sale New!

    For sale is some leftover George Fisher Coolfit Plus that we have from our project. We have two 5 meter pieces of 110x180mm (approx 4" inner diameter) and one 5 meter piece of 75x140mm (approx 2.5"...
  11. Looking for 50-70 bbl Cold liquor/Bright tank

    I'm looking for an insulated and jacketed tank to use as a cold liquor tank. It needs to have a gross volume of 50-70 barrels (or close). We have a strict budget of $10,000, so we obviously...
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