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Thread: Anti-foam for unfiltered ale

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    Anti-foam for unfiltered ale

    I've been using Fermcap S from Kerry Bio-Science in the kettle and in the fermenter with great success. However, in the blurb on it at it says that "it is completely removed from the beer after fermentation by the yeast and filtration".

    If I don't filter the beers, how much is left? Does the yeast eat most of it? Would there be enough left in the beer to damage head retention more than the use of it enhances head retention?

    Or is there some alternative product I could use for foam control in unfiltered ales?

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    we use antifoam in the copper to stop it boiling over. though use a very small amount so not to affect head retention.

    however we do not use it in the fermenter. due to the risk it poses to head retention.

    whether this is just being over cautious, i'm not sure. but i personally don't see it worth risking. nor can i see why you would feel the need to use it in fermenters either?

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    I use the same stuff, don't filter and have never had any problem with head retention. I had the same worries as well when I first used it. In fact, for whatever reason, I've been getting great retention since I started using it. I'm sure if you use to much you will have problems, but I use about 3/4 of an ounce for 15 barrels, no problems.

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    Also no problems here - we add it to the brewkettle at onset of boil - 35 grams for a 10 bbl batch. No experience in fermenter though.


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