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Thread: Brown Kraft 6 Pack Carriers

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    Brown Kraft 6 Pack Carriers

    So after months of searching I have found a good source for brown kraft looking 6 pack carriers. Jack goldstein at Keystone packaging is hooking me up with them for something like 26 cents a piece. the only downside is that the minimum order is 6000. I don't need 6000 of them, so anybody out there want to split an order with me? I'm in Seattle


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    if you are still having an issue with his minimum, maybe he would run a blanket order for you and you could draw it in as needed paying for it as you need it -invoicing you only as shipped, to ensure the negotiation you could commit to bring in x per within 12 months he would be paid

    this not know how much you need or your useage, you may never need 6000

    another thought
    he could produce and leave kraft in its raw state until needed it would be less of a liability for you both

    what do you get for 26 cents for 6000 anyway? just curious...
    delivered, printed, bundled.....

    Cheers, B! ;>

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    Hi ya',
    I just saw in the Moran, USA catalog yesterday, they now have brown, craft six-pack holders. In my past dealings with Moran, the minimums are very, very small, like a case or so.
    My two cents, now worth five-and-a-half cents (due to the increase in value of copper!),

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    6 pack holders

    hey let me know if you can those printed for the same price thanks brian

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