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Thread: new brewpub/micro

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    new brewpub/micro

    me and a partner are looking to do a new start-up in a metropolitan area. i need to know who you would recommend for buying used equipment, set up, training , shipping (dos-donts). ive heard several times not to use brew tech....was wondering who is good and reliable. looking for more the 10-15bbl range complete systems. im not sure where to start with this so any help would be much appreciated. thanks

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    Hi Henstooth

    I have worked with Newlands Systems and can recommend them. Thoughtfully designed equipment and very helpful. Also, I would recommend Bavarian Breweries. Lewis was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I don't have any experience with Brew Tech so I can't say either way. Training: Work for an exisiting brewery/brewpub to learn the trade. Other than that; Siebel Insitute or American Brewer's Guild are both excellent. Also, HOMEBREW, HOMEBREW, HOMEBREW! The principles at work in the homebrew set up can be applied to the professional level. Lastly, I would contact as many brewers in your area and start asking them for assistance. Most brewers are all to willing to help you. Having just gone through a startup I would recommend to have AT LEAST twice as much funding as you think you need. For turnkey, I really like the Bohemian Monobloc systems. The original company is long gone but you can find their systems used for a good price. Let me know if I can be of any other assistance (

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