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Thread: small kegs or beer balls

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    small kegs or beer balls

    does anyone out there know of a source for small kegs (less than 5 gal) I was really hoping to start selling something like beer balls out of our pub but I can't seem to find any retailers. any help will be appreciated
    Jay Stoyanoff
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    Schlafly uses Keglets's 3.3 gallon kegs that fit in a fridge. I have never had one, but it they seem really cool. The guys at the Schlafly Tap Room could probably give you more info.

    I got a "Party Pig" from a brewery in Colorado, i thought it was really cool but the brewer i spoke with seemed to think they were a total pain in the butt.

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    Here at Schlafly we use the 3.3 gal "Keggy" from Schafer Container Systems.

    More information is available on their website,

    The system is a bit cumbersome at first. To fill the internal CO2 canister you need a source of liquid CO2 to hook up to the filling apparatus.

    The tap itself can also be troublesome as they will occasionally leak and the plastic latch is often brittle. A stainless version would be nice.

    All in all, however, they are a great invention. A few minor tweaks and it would be perfect. It holds 26 pints, can fit in your fridge and the internal CO2 source keeps the beer fresh. Plus it has some amount of insulation so it can brought outdoors. A few regulars throw theirs on the golf cart from time to time.

    They also have a few variations on the self-contained mini draft system theme.

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