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Thread: Hop Contracts

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    Hop Contracts

    I am looking to open a brewpub in the summer of 2009. I am very concerned about locking in a contract for hops due to the worldwide shortage of this important ingredient. How far out do I need to plan on signing a contract with a hop distributor in order to guarentee that I will have hops to produce beer at my brewpub?

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    If you can get anyone to write you a contract now, then you should sign one. For brewing in the Summer of 2009, that means at best you will be using 2008 crop hops - which are not yet harvested but "technically" sold out right now. If the worldwide harvest is good this Fall, there will hopefully be some more hops available on the spot market.

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    Also beware that many companies are now requiring pre-payment on contracted hops.

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    I have yet to see the pre-payment requirement, but unshipped inventory must be paid earlier each year. I'm sure pre-payment looms in the future.

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