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Thread: Custom size filter sheets 32cmx32cm

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    Custom size filter sheets 32cmx32cm

    Looking for a source of filter pads for our plate/frame press .... standard filter sheets come in 40cmx40cm and am looking for a supplier who can cut the filters down to the size we need 32cmx32cm .... The reason I ask is that our current supplier (Scott Labs) has a minimum requirement of 400 sheets .... that is over a years supply for us as I primarily filter only one of our beers .... for over a dozen years we have ordered a quantity of 100 and wish to continue doing so .... If someone else has a similar problem, we could split an order .... or simply forgo filtration and go unfiltered .... Thanks Brian Weatherman Boulder Creek Brewing Company (831) 338-7882
    -Brian Weatherman
    -Head Brewer (831) 338-7882
    -Boulder Creek Brewing Company

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    Why not buy the 40s and let 'em hang out? Or cut them down?

    be cheaper I think....custom always costs!
    Larry Horwitz

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