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Thread: Time to add the next level of filtration

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    Time to add the next level of filtration

    We currently filter with a 7.5 s.m. Velo to ~ 5 micron. Flow rate is generally 70 bbl./hr. We bottle with a six-head 2006 Meheen so filtration between the BBT and filler is out.

    What is the best method of filtration, downstream of the Velo, to achieve .5 micron? Pros/Cons...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beertje46
    We bottle with a six-head 2006 Meheen so filtration between the BBT and filler is out.
    Why would that be? I've bottled with a 4-head Meheen with a cartridge filter between the BBT and the filler on a regular basis. Is the 6-head that much different? It was a pretty big cartridge filter (double cartridge about 4 feet tall), and we made sure the beer was really polished before we bottled (DE prefilter and sterile P&F post to get it down to about 1 micron). You don't want anything clogging your super expensive cartridge filter.

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    Sheet filter. Preferably one with stainless steel plates. This gives you the ability to sanitize with 180 degree water (the noryl plates will develop micro cracks over time). I have good success with the paul hs-400 sheets. You might want to filter with a finer grade of DE though. At 5 micron you will most likely blind the press before you blind the DE filter.

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    I agree with Gabe. Why can you not cartridge filter between brite and filler? If you can do it, find out what your hls/hr throughput is on your filler, and match a cartridge and housing to that speed. A 0.5 micron absolute single 30 inch cartridge should be able to do up to 5 hl/hr or so.
    Secondly, If you decide to go lower than 5 micron to the brite, you will have to match flowrate again. If, for example, you go to 1 micron, you will probably need at least 3 or 4 30 inch cartridges in a housing, and slow down your 7.5 sq m to at least 50 hls/hr.



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