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    Vent-Matic Faucet

    hi there. i'm really new to this forum (first post, in fact) but i have been hanging around northern brewer's forums for a while under the same moniker.

    anyway, in 12/03 i purchased two stainless steel Vent-Matic faucets for a homebrew kegerator and wanted to share my experiences here.

    i have been nothing but extremely satisfied with the quality of workmanship and performance of these faucets. i have been a homebrewer (yes, i know - not quite in the league of the professionals - but we have to start somewhere, right?) for almost a year. i struggled with the traditional faucets sticking and poor pour quality for about six months until i saw an advertisement for Vent-Matic faucets in a brewing magazine. after reading a bit on Vent-Matic's website ( i was hooked.

    in the last month i have dispensed a little over 20 gallons (Corny kegs) through these faucets and NOT ONCE have i had any sticking issues due to beer drying on the seals - even after a full week of disuse!

    with traditional faucets, i was continually disassembling the faucets to clean and lubricate between kegs - without reasonable success. the only lubricating and extensive cleaning i have done with the Vent-Matic faucets was prior to initial installation. since then, i have not disassembled the faucets between kegs like i used to do with traditional faucets. in fact, i just run BLC throught the lines followed by an iodophor solution. i have had no problems with contamination due to the forward sealing technology of these faucets.

    additionally, the ability to control the "creaminess" of the foam while dispensing is an excellent feature. it is like having two faucets in one.

    anyway, to clear up any doubts, i'm not a Vent-Matic sales rep or anything - just a very satisfied customer. these faucets are within the same price range of many stainless steel traditional faucets on the market. so if you are looking for something better in the world of beer faucets, i would encourage you to consider Vent-Matic faucets.

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