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Thread: Boston Brews?

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    Boston Brews?

    Help Me! I am a brewer with 2 jobs, 2 kids, the wife, etc..(IOW, I have no life outside of my family and work.). I will be in Boston this Friday night (for a business meeting), and would love to know the best place to get a micro and a bite, so I can support my fellow bretheren. I know this is unconventional on Probrewer, but I don't get out much, nor do I travel outside of a 40 mile radius and I don't want to miss out on something I will kick myself later for not knowing about.
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    "Boston" is a pretty big place. It depends on what area you will be in.
    Downtown, I like Boston Beer Works. Good food, better beer.
    If you are out West a bit, the best brewpub in the area, IMHO, is Watch City in Waltham. The will probably have a cask on a Friday night. John Harvards and Cambridge are also great stops on that side of the river.

    Check out for a better look at the geographical layout of beer spots in the area. Use the "City Beer Maps" pull down and select Boston. If you don't want to see that many pins on the map, click the pin you don't want to see in the pin legend (e.g. homebrew shops) and they will go away.

    For just a beer bar, Bukowski's is the quintessential dive, with loud, punk/mordern rock/whatever playing, and everybody behind the bar has multiple piercings. Great beer selection, and a real experience.

    Have fun!
    -Lyle C. Brown
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    Here a list for you to check out.

    My favorite happen to be the first 6 on the list.
    If only time for one... go to the publick house! (they have my ipa and golden on draft this week.
    Quick and easy on the green line. Washington sq stop!

    Beer Bars:

    The Publick House & Monk's Cell - 1648 Beacon St., Brookline
    Deep Ellum - 477 Cambridge Street, Allston
    Sunset Grill & Tap - 130 Brighton Avenue, Allston
    RedBones Barbeque - 55 Chester St., Somerville
    Roadhouse Craft Beer & BBQ - 1700 Beacon Street, Brookline
    Union Brew House - 550 Washington Street, Weymouth
    The Eastern Standard - 528 Commonwealth Ave., Boston
    The Independent - 75 Union Square, Somerville
    Bukowski's Tavern - 50 Dalton Street, Boston
    Penguin Pizza - 735 Huntington Avenue, Boston
    Atwood's Tavern - 877 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
    The Common Ground - 85 Harvard Ave, Allston
    The Kinsale Irish Pub & Restaurant - 2 Center Plaza, Boston
    The Mission Bar & Grill - 724 Huntington Avenue, Boston
    The Lower Depths - 476 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
    The Chicken Bone - 1260 Boylston St., Boston
    Bukowski's Tavern - 1281 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
    Cambridge Common Restaurant - 1667 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
    Brendan Behan - 378 Centre St., Jamaica Plain
    The Squealing Pig - 134 Smith Street, Boston
    Jacob Wirth - 31-37 Stuart St, Boston
    Doyle's Cafe / F.J. Doyle & Co. - 3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain
    Gulu-Gulu Café - 247 Essex St, Salem
    Parish Cafe - 361 Boylston St, Boston
    Bison County Smokehouse And Grill - 275 Moody St., Waltham
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    I second Matts recommendation of the Publick House in Brookline. Mostly because of the Belgian styles, but then they didn't have his beer there when I was there! One more reason to go. The food was nowhere near on par with the beers, however. My favorite was the food from Chinatown. Have fun and enjoy!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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    Thanks fellas! My plane leaves in 3 hours. I will be at the Pubik House tonight!

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    Just a quick thank you to all who replied to this post. I had a great 24 hours. My liver got a well deserved workout, and I got some R & R in between meetings.
    For those of you going to Boston for the "big event," I HIGHLY recommend Redbones BBQ. Out of all the places I went, this one stood out. Excellent beer selection, and outstanding BBQ! It's off the beaten path a bit, but well worth it. I was in a food coma into the next morning, with no regrets. Sit at the counter if you can, and expect to wait at least an hour to be seated. Great bar downstairs to pass the time.

    I hope to see you all tomorrow in "spirit" at your local participating theater.
    Go Beer Wars!

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    Go to Publick House for no other reason than to get a super cool "Don't Drink Crap Beer" t-shirt! Safe travels brotha and have a blast!

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