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Thread: Another Bohemian Question for Bohemian Brewers

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    Hello all,

    I got a couple more quick questions about my Bohemian 20/25BBL system. First off, I've used a few systems in my short brewing carreer, but none have been harder to sparge (fill kettle) than this brewing system. I am having problems in a few areas.

    First problem: I end up usually vorlaufing with little issues and my wort ends up relatively clear. In the beggining an usually large amount of husk and granules get through the screen. I am mashing in the vorauf vessel and I never mix my mash too hard. I have been taking the screens out everytime and cleaning the vorlauf vessel extremely well. I have also been checking and double checking to make sure the screens are put back in nicely. So when I begin my kettle fill I always have to extremely slow to not pull any material through into the kettle.

    Second Problem: Since I move my wort so slowly, I lose a great amount of heat. Usually by the time things move faster (like 1 1/2 hrs later when the kettle is half way full) my temp is no higher than 162F Then my mash will raise back up to the higher numbers but this low temperature is slowing things down even further and I'm running into ridiculous 12 hr brew days.

    Anyone have issues with this system being "touchy" when filling up the kettle? Other than that I like this system a lot, I just have a lot of crap getting underneath my screens...
    Thanks in advance to anyone that responds!!!
    Jon Christiansen
    Joseph James Brewing Company

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    We had a similar problem with stuff getting through the screens on a 10 Bohemian system. The solution was to install a filter (looked a lot like a hop back) in-line between the MT and BK, it was hard piped w/ TC fittings and sat right under the sink. The thing was about 4' long and a total pain to clean out but worked like a charm. It usually collected about 10-15 (dry lbs) of grain per batch. We still had to start RO slowly to avoid filling it up, but after it was going you could incrementally speed it up to a reasonable rate.
    -forgot to mention we had a Tee installed at the MT out so we could bypass the filter during the vorlauf.

    Curious to see how others have delt with this too... It's quite literally the only thing i did not like about that system.
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    Jeff Byrne

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    I'm brewing on a 10bbl Bohemian. My RO/Sparges usually take a little over an hour. I notice an acceptable amount of husks/grain getting through but nothing excessive. I run the recirc very conservatively and then give the upper bed a gently stir at the end to "fill in the holes". I'm sure you probably have, but did you check your screens "fit" to the supports to ensure there is no warpage where grain could slip by? I do wish this system had a proper grant. That and the excessive pneumatics are my two main system redesigns.

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