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Thread: Marris Otter and Brown Malt

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    Marris Otter and Brown Malt

    I have often heard many English malts barely have enough enzymes to convert themselves and should not be used with adjuncts.

    How much, if any, Brown Malt could be used in a grist of Marris Otter?

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    British malts generally have very good levels of enzymes. However, brown malt, or at least the stuff I have used has had all the conversion carried out in the maltings, and has been highly caramelised during roasting. Brown malt is normally used in small quantities, a few percent of total grist only to give darker colours and a chocolaty flavour, without being as acrid as balck malt or roasted barley. I haven't used it for a while and cannot remember the colour range, but for starters get the nominal colour of the malt from the suppliers and calculate the amount you need to add to achieve the final colour. It is not really possible to calculate flavour addition except based on perception of flavour from a known grist


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