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Thread: CO2 Levels in Barrel Aged Beer

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    CO2 Levels in Barrel Aged Beer

    Is anyone willing to take a best guess at what the CO2 level is in a barrel aged beer? I'm trying to dial in my bottle conditioning program but estimating the difference between .25 g/L and .5 g/L can make a significant difference in sugar additions.

    Best guess for typical beer, unitank, post-fermentation, uncapped, so I have been informed, is roughly 1 to 2 g/L (.5 to 1 volumes) - which is still a large variation for calculating priming rates! What numbers do other people use as a "base" when factoring sugar additions for bottle conditioning?

    I have assumed that barrel aged beers have lost a bit more of their CO2, and thus attempted to factor based upon 50% of the aforementioned value.

    I do not have the instrumentation to test this... just making a best educated guess... anyone?

    Shaun e.

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    According to my calculator -

    CO2 saturation at at atmospheric at zero C = 3.4 g / litre

    At 5 C at atmospheric = 2.9 g / litre

    At 10 C at atmospheric = 2.4 g / litre

    At 15 C at atmospheric = 2.03

    Hope this helps


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