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Thread: Contract Brewing and Federal License

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    Contract Brewing and Federal License

    Ok, So I just got off the phone interview with the TTB and they stated that as a contract brewery they cannot have the words "brewing company" on the TTb basic permit because it would be decieving to the public. There are so many "Brewing companies" that do not actually "brew" their beer, so for any of you contract brewing... did you have this same issue and if so how did you handle it?

    The good news is that the business is not called "brewing company" so the license can still be approved. I have a trade name registered with the state which is called "brewing company" though and when I was planning on selling it under that name.

    Any help here?

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    We got the same response when we applied, law came about in the 90's because some guy got confused and said it was false advertising. We went with beer company to make sure if we had to down the road contract there would be no problem. Also on your bottles you can not put a dba, if you go on to the ttb web site it gives you the do's and do not's of bottle label requirements.

    ahh, i remember the days of filing for the ttb, seems liek the easy part these days

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    This is true - no Brewing Co. for contract beers - see Sam Adams Beer Company. You could bee this as a negative, but don't sweat it.

    You may have to change the name of your registered trade name with the State. Shouldn't be a problem, these things happen all the time.

    Don't forget that your label must state where the beer is being brewed (contracter's address), not where you are setting up your business.

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    ok well. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I know of a few local places that are contract brewing but call themselves "brewing company". I'd love to know how.

    My problem is that I expect to take over brewing once the brand is established some and we need more capacity. Then I want to be "brewing company", so do I have to worry about how to work this into advertising and branding? I'm not sure.

    And what about the website? ok, i'll stop sweating it so much. But it puts a little wrench into things. I'm sure I'll run into more of them.

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