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Thread: Can Meheen do both 12oz. and 22oz. bottles?

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    Can Meheen do both 12oz. and 22oz. bottles?

    I'm with a brewery in planning and have been looking into purchasing a Meheen filler/crowner. We'd like to do both 12 oz. and 22 oz. bottles. Is the Meheen capable of doing both?


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    The Meheen fillers are built for one bottle spec. If you use a O-I 12 oz. long neck, the machine is built for that one bottle. You can not switch to another 12 oz. long neck without purchasing a whole new top end.

    The machine is able to do 12 & 22 oz. bottles if you purchase two top ends. Last I heard $5000+- each, one included with a new machine.

    It is a good, dependable unit.
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    Changing bottle sizes


    The answer to your question is yes, but I generally recommend against changing bottle sizes frequently. On the current Merlin machines a bottle size change from say 12oz to 22oz is the replacement of the core module and requires a full setup each time a change is performed. The change and setup will generally take 1.5 hours or so and the concern here is an error in setup and over tightening SS fasteners. A missed setup can cause damage to the equipment and SS fasteners if over tightened will stretch and cause thread damage which can ruin your day. If you are doing infrequent changes such as for a seasonal, then maybe the change parts make sense. Frankly my feeling is if you have enough demand for two bottle sizes, get two machines.

    Please feel free to call me with any questions.

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