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Thread: Can Meheen do both 12oz. and 22oz. bottles?

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    Can Meheen do both 12oz. and 22oz. bottles?

    I'm with a brewery in planning and have been looking into purchasing a Meheen filler/crowner. We'd like to do both 12 oz. and 22 oz. bottles. Is the Meheen capable of doing both?


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    The Meheen fillers are built for one bottle spec. If you use a O-I 12 oz. long neck, the machine is built for that one bottle. You can not switch to another 12 oz. long neck without purchasing a whole new top end.

    The machine is able to do 12 & 22 oz. bottles if you purchase two top ends. Last I heard $5000+- each, one included with a new machine.

    It is a good, dependable unit.
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