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Thread: Hazardous Material Management Plan for Grain Dust

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    Hazardous Material Management Plan for Grain Dust

    I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question, however I just finished a meeting with the City Planning Department for my conditional use permit and they are concerned about milled grain dust and want to understand my hazardous Material Plan to prevent explosion. I'm not doing large volume however they still want to understand the plan and how it is implemented to prevent or limit grain dust and the process for getting rid or reducing to acceptable non ignition levels. Can anyone share any information they may have that will help me draft and create for submission? Also any ideas on ways to eliminate? I can wet the grain prior to milling however I don't know how that will affect the process?

    Thank you in advance for any information.

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    That is not an uncommon issue with cities. You can explain that your mill is not the kind that creates dust, that if it did make powder you would have a mash impossible to brew with. That might work.
    One time I had to install a nitrogen gas injector to the malt stream going into the mill when the fire dept had their panties in a bunch. This makes them all giddy as the nitrogen knocks down the oxygen level to below combustibility.
    Try showing them screen analysis of milled grist and show that it can't combust the way they expect. Their concern should belong with flour mills.
    Do explain that you have a magnet on your mill to prevent any ferrous object entering your mill.

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    Most malt crackers have explosion proof sealed motors as well. I would think this is all dependant on how confined a space you have your mill in. The smaller the square footage the higher the consentration of dust thus the higher the risk of ignition.
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