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Thread: Brewery and taproom location

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    Brewery and taproom location

    I am still seeking out a location for my craft brewery and am trying to weigh the pro's and con's of a couple of locations.

    My big issue is that I would prefer to go in a newly constructed warehouse in an industrial park with new utilities and high ceilings. Plus shipping and receiving would be easier. Rent is not much of an issue, as the going rate for most industrial/warehouse properties lease at around $6-8/ft, in this market.

    My main issue is that most of these industrial parks are isolated and not near my customer base. So I am concerned about my taproom business, primarily will I have any!
    Jacksonville is a very spread out city with a population around 1million.

    I would like to hear about other people's location and how it has affected their taproom business.

    Ben Davis
    Intuition Ale Works
    Jacksonville Florida

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    Brew great beer a they will come!!

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    Jacksonville, huh? Used to live in Avondale. Can recommend that area if you can find premises; there are several colourful and entertaining places "on the wrong side of the tracks" along Edgewood Ave. S - Bistro 17 for example; I reckon a brewery would fit in really well around there.

    I was considering taking over the Malt Shop BoP in Mandarin at one point - Greg was giving up in disgust because "these people don't appreciate good beer". I expect that you will find a more receptive market now.

    Best regards,

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