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Thread: Using fermenters outside

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    Using fermenters outside

    I'm looking for information on using our standard, non insulated, glycol jacketed Unitanks in an outside environment.

    Do they need to be insulated, and if so, how?

    Will they need to have a warm glycol resivoir for temperature control in the cold months as well as a cooling system in the warmer months?

    Here in SW Colorado we experience 4 distinct seasons with a temperature differential of -5 F (like this morning) to about 100 F in the summer.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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    Hi Ken,

    We are seeing more and more breweries with tanks outside, but I wouldn't recommend this with non-insulated tanks. By insulating these tanks you will take away the ambient conditions, or at least greatly reduce the effect the ambient will have on the system.

    With insulated tanks you should only need a chiller system for fermentation control, crash cooling, and conditioning- no heating should be required.

    The company below specializes in adding insulation to non insulated tanks- there is some good information on their site, including calculators for energy lose etc. Not sure if they have someone in your area, but they might at least be able to provide a name for you.

    Good Luck!


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    Ken, Give Adam Avery a call. mk

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