I have a pretty simple question about DE filtration. I currently use a Velo Horizontal (2square meter)DE filter. I currently fill the dose chamber with DE or perlite and beer. The chamber has a crank handle which I can crank by hand to help mix the DE and beer prior to filtration. This gives me a DE/Beer slurry which works great. My filter has no dose pump but operates by using the back pressure from a "throttle" butterfly valve after the pump which pushes dirty beer into the dose chamber forcing the DE slurry out downstream from the "throttle" valve. The dose chamber is about 24 inches across and has a removeable lid with a big clamp. Very easy to operate.

I was helping a friend at his brewery to try his first filtration. He has a similar filter made by Spedoni. The biggest difference is that the dose chamber on his has a very small opening on top with a clamp on lid.

What would be the best method for him to introduce the DE into the dose chamber?? We mixed DE into beer ina bucket and poured it into the dose chamber. Not a great method but it got us started. Does anyone have a similar set up and how do you do it. I tried searching for info but haven't found much. He is filtering beer that is uncarbonated and at ambient pressure.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve at Valley Brew