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Thread: VFD on wort pump for WPing?

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    VFD on wort pump for WPing?

    Hey all,

    Was discussing some things with our equipment supplier and he mentioned that slowing down the velocity of your wirlpool really helps with the trub pile formation (i.e. tighter, more compact).

    Anyone with experience with and without a VFD that can confirm? If so is it a BIG difference?

    Thanks for your help


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    VFD is the way to go.

    Our whirlpool pump is also our kettle pump, vorlauf, & lauter pump. Would not think of using a pump without a VFD for any of it. It does make a difference, not so much in the velocity of the whirlpool, but because an unrestrained high-speed centrifugal pump is so rough on wort. Even with a slow whirlpool speed--maybe especially so because you're slowing down the flow to get a slow whirlpool, thrashing the crap out of the wort with a beater-shaped impeller while throttling through a butterfly valve. At least for a typical small brewery kit. What kind of floc is going to make it through that? Using a VFD will allow you the best of all options as you can gently push the wort at the ideal pump speed at any stage of the brewing process. I highly recommend them. Going to install one on my DE filter soon. Good luck & be gentle with your worts!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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