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    VLB Berlin

    I am extremely interested in attending VLB to obtain a Diplom-Braumeister degree. I know that this program is 2 1/2 - 3 years and is in conjuction with the Technische Universität Berlin.
    I will be an international student from the US. I have been a professional brewer for 3 years and have an BS degree in education. I cant seem to find the requirement and cost of this program.
    Can anyone share this information and any other information that will help me.


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    I realize the original post is really old. Just to answer; the website says 16,500 Euro.

    In order to consolidate information on the topic, I would like to ask if anyone has feedback from the VLB courses. Specifically has anyone taken the Craft Brewing in Practice course? Can anyone offer feedback, likes, dislikes, quality of content on anything from VLB? I found a couple posts from 12 years ago recommending it, but nothing more.


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    I have two brewers at VLB now. Returning in July. They are in the 6 month certification program. I didn't look at the options for programs but they had suitable experience and capabilities to go for certification.

    If you shoot me your email address I'll see if they are good with being contacted about the program they are in.

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