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Thread: Well, that was dumb.

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    Well, that was dumb.

    Note to self--

    If I ever use dried orange peel chips in the brewkettle again, use a hop bag, as they sure as hell don't whirlpool out. Instead, they swell up and float freely.

    I had to back-flush the heat exchanger four times during knock-out.

    Rookie mistake.

    Thank goodness the Saison turned out wonderful.

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    Oh my...yes, use a hop bag or something of sorts. How long was knock out and how many bbl's? Glad the end result was a good pint in the glass.

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    Knock-out took about an hour. Normally for a batch of this size, I can do it in 20 minutes (5.5 Barrels). The higher summer temp of our source water in the heat exchanger makes everything run slower anyways.

    The best thing about Wisconsin winters is the frigid water temps!

    That, and our Belgian Tripel.


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    alternate idea

    we throw the orange peel in then run it throw a grant with a false bottom. works well for us.

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    just joined

    I am inspiring with my partner to open a brewpub. Both of us have extensive restaurant experience. My partner is a well accomplished brewer but we both don't know where to start with the process of opening a restaurant. Can anyone give some, any advice. I even need to know how to start my own tread on this page.

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