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Thread: Malt Question

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    Malt Question

    I have a question about Dingemans Caramunich malt.
    I have some I am planning to use in a Belgian dubbel
    but the Cargill catalog I have only lists Munich. Are
    Munich and Caramunich the same malt? If not what are
    the differences.

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    Caramunich vs. Munich

    Yes there are definitely many differences between Munich and CaraMunich Malt. There is no significant saccharification before kilning with Munich where there is with Cara. The end result is a glassy endosperm with CaraMunich and a mealy endosperm with Munich. CaraMunich is also much darker (45 vs. 5 lovibond).

    As far as contribution differences to your beer it will depend upon how much you use. The CaraMunich will impart much more color and more in the red hue. CaraMunich will also increase the dextrin content of your wort moreso than regular Munich. As the name suggests more caramel flavor as well.

    Munich will be more orange-ish in color and impart a malty perhaps slightly biscuity flavor. Munich will also supply active amylase enzymes to your mash where CaraMunich will not.

    You don't see the CaraMunich name in the catalog because the names of the Caramel malts were changed last year.

    CaraPils is now Cara 8
    CaraVienne is now Cara 20
    CaraMunich is now Cara 45

    Exact same malt, just different names.


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    Many thanks on the clarification. When I started sorting out the malts for todays brew I noticed the malt is labeled Cara 45 on the bag, couldn't see it earlier it was on bottom of pallet. I do have the specs on the Cara 45 from your catalog.. Thanks again....

    Now it's time to brew the Dubbel.

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