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Thread: Organic Gambrinus Honey Malt Substitution

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    Organic Gambrinus Honey Malt Substitution

    I have been tasked with reformulating a beer. The beer is currently brewed conventionally and the corporation that owns our company wants to take it organic. This beer is one of our best sellers and has a cult following. The only specialty malt in this brew is 2.1% of honey malt. As anyone who has brewed with honey malt knows, it has a very unique taste and a little goes a long way. I have never tasted another malt that tasted similar to honey malt. Is there a blend of organic malts that I could use to get the same flavor profile? Maybe an organic C-20 and a organic Munich or aromatic malt?

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    Have you told the mother company how to invest their money yet? No? Tell them to stick to what they know. I would not change the recipe of your best selling beer. But hey that is just me. How about organic honey? I have never smelled or tasted another malt that has that Gambrinus flavor.
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    If Wyermann makes an organic Melanoidin malt, you could probably get away with it.

    Having worked with both malts, I'd say the Weyermann is pretty damn close.

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    If Wyermann makes an organic Melanoidin malt, you could probably get away with it
    I use both and would have to disagree. Melanoidan is IMHO super toasty/bready and dry. Gambrinus Honey malt is mellow and sweet and very distintive. I would try some light crystal and munich like you were thinking.
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