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Thread: High Quality Manual Crowner?

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    High Quality Manual Crowner?

    We occasionally package special beers in 22oz or 750ml packages and do it all by hand, 5-8bbl runs. We've set up a system thats pretty cheap and relatively fast. The one issue we've run into is the manual crowners we've tried are just not good. They are inconsisent and break easily, and often do not seal properly. I've seen pneumatic models for $500-$750, my budget is a little tighter than that. It doesn't have to be air powered (though I think that'd be great) but can anyone recommend a robust, reliable crowner for this type of application a little more affordable than $500?

    Geoff DeBisschop
    Evolution Craft Brewing Company
    Delmar, DE

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    We used to do quite a bit of hand packaing in 22oz bottles and had the same problem with the homebrew style crowners, they just wear out to fast, we bought this one from, its not super cheap, 329.00, but its built like a tank and its SS.
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    That thing is a beast!!!
    Pipeworks Brewing Company

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