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Thread: D-type spears where S-type once were!

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    D-type spears where S-type once were!

    Heres a question, 50L poly-coated kegs are hard to come by in the U.S. these days, but I have found they happen in abundance in China and Europe. The only problem with this is they all seem to be micromatic S-Type spears, not being compatible with the D-type couplers we and our carriers use. On the plus side I happen to have a good number of D-type stems lying around. So there in lies the question:

    Threaded or non-threaded has anyone out there experimented with replacing s-type keg spears (European) with d-type spears (N.American)?

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    dunno the answet, but I am i nthe market for some d-style thread many you got?

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