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    Cold Spring Expansion

    Minnesota brewery to double capacity

    Cold Spring Brewing Co. in Minnesota will undertake a major modernization of its brewhouse and a minor expansion of tank capacity

    The company plans to invest $9 to $10 million in its building and equipment during a 10-month construction project that will conclude by March of next year. The projects will double its capacity.

    Cold Spring Brewing brews mostly contract brands for other companies including 21st Amendment Brewery of San Francisco. Its canning, bottling and packaging facility also is used by other national companies under contract.

    The brewery will transition from a two-vessel brewhouse to a five-vessel brewhouse with brewing vessels, fermentation tanks and finishing tanks. The move is intended to enhance its beer quality and help keep up with demand.

    Cold Spring brews about 125,000 barrels annually and also produces under contract a variety of waters, juices and energy drinks.
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