North American Breweries, one of the largest and fastest growing American-owned beer companies in the United States, owns and operates four U.S. breweries and six retail locations in New York, Vermont, California, Oregon and Washington. The company was formed in 2009 and is headquartered in Rochester, NY – which is also home to the Genesee Brewery.

Since 1878, the Genesee Brewery has brewed and sold the historic line of Genesee beers. Today that brewery also makes Dundee Ales and Lagers, the Original Honey Brown Lager, Seagram’s Escapes and many other beers under contract from other companies. We brew one of the company’s most popular craft beer brands – Magic Hat – from our Vermont brewery. Our west coast brewing teams handcraft the award-winning Pyramid and MacTarnahan’s craft beers. NAB also owns and markets strong import brands including its flagship beer Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light, which maintain strong market share among the Great Lakes region and beyond.

At North American Breweries, we take great pride in the beers we produce and market. And, we firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, we strive to create and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities. Our goal, simply put, is to use operational excellence as a strategic advantage. This means “getting the right people on the bus” and enabling, empowering, and encouraging each to perform as effectively as possible.

Join us and discover a work experience where diverse ideas are met with enthusiasm, and where you can learn and grow to your full potential. We're looking for individuals who enjoy the entrepreneurial thrill of invention and who enjoy working as a team to create a satisfying outcome for our customers.

Purpose of the Role
North American Breweries is seeking an experienced Brewer to join us in beautiful Seattle. The Seattle Brewery is located within our flagship Pyramid Alehouse (across the street from Safeco and Quest Fields). As part of owning the Seattle brewing operation, this person will need to be a jack/jill of all trades (or at least all things brewing). The position requires tending to the behind the scenes activities of the successful brew including: day-to-day process issues, recipe management, SOPs, release parameters, safety policies, documentation, compliance, QA lab analysis, cleaning and sanitation. In addition to brewing (from recipe development through CIP), the Seattle Brewer will be a brand ambassador (or Alebassador – as we like to call it) for the community. He/she will conduct brewery tours, beerology classes, and participate in beer-related events throughout the community (festivals, brewer’s dinners and more).

Attributes & Accountabilities
• A deep passion for beer (especially ours) and the craft industry as a whole
• Operating knowledge of brewing equipment including operation monitoring, watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly; understanding of automation including PLCs and instrumentation; Equipment requires to use/operate:
15 bbl brew house
4-roller malt mill and malt transfer system
Computer operated cellar clean-in-place system
15m2 horizontal pressure leaf DE beer filter
Pumps: centrifugal, diaphragm, peristaltic, rotary
Dissolved gas analyzers: CO2, O2, and N2
Flow meters
Pinpoint carbonator
Cartridge air filters
Laboratory equipment: centrifuge, digital density meter, spectrophotometer, microscope
20 bbl ferment vessels and other holding tanks
Pressure/temperature gauges and instrumentation
Gas regulators
Process and utility piping network
Hand truck and forklift
• Technical proficiency, especially related to brewing equipment including equipment maintenance; ability to perform routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed
• Ability to travel via plane, train and automobile for training and beer related events (frequent travel to Portland may be required)
• Able to communicate information and ideas that can be easily understood and to communicate effectively with brewery management and employees regarding quality issues and training.
• Comfort speaking in front of groups with enthusiasm and providing specific information regarding the brewing process, our products and food pairings; able to represent company in a professional manner at both work-related and non work-related functions.
• Able to maintain confidentiality of recipes, processes, procedures, and other proprietary information
• Ability to follow instructions, organize and prioritize work and work effectively under time and volume pressures to meet deadlines
• Work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision; ability to handle multiple tasks and related stress in a high-production environment; high degree of flexibility to respond to changing priorities and any unexpected problems; ability to make and execute correct decisions when necessary or call for help when appropriate
• Knowledge of safety processes including hazardous materials; able to wear necessary personal protective equipment
• Able to read and understand information to execute formulas and follow recipes; ability to identify, troubleshoot and solve problems related to product and/or equipment; understanding of beer flavor defects and their causes
• Reliable, highly creative, technically gifted, quality focused, safety driven, and results-oriented
• Able to meet the physical requirements of this position in the environment described below
• Knowledge of and compliance within State and Federal Liquor Laws
• Ability to work a flexible schedule that meets the business and production needs – making beer is not a 9-5 sort of thing

Education & Experience:
• 5+ years of brewing experience in brewing, cellaring, fermentation and kegging operations
• some management experience preferred
• degree in brewing sciences or certification from a recognized professional institution or equivalent experience; understanding of intermediate level science, especially biology and chemistry
• valid driver’s license
• Strong computer proficiency, especially spreadsheet design and use

Physical Requirements & Environmental Conditions
Working within the exciting and dynamic industry of craft brewing can be extremely rewarding but not necessarily glamorous! This position can be very physical in nature and therefore requires the following: working around moving machinery; frequent lifting including lifting up to 85 lbs shoulder high and moving of kegs (165 lbs); comfort working at heights while standing on ladders; working in tight/cramped spaces and/or in awkward positions for extended periods of time; standing for long periods of time on cement floors; routine pushing, pulling, reaching, upper body and arm rotation, bending and stooping; able to frequently grasp with one or both hands; able to wear required Personal Protective Equipment (respirators, ear plugs, boots, etc). The work environment includes working on and around potentially dangerous equipment/machinery, handling and transporting hazardous materials (chemicals, solvents and cleaners), inhaling high levels of CO2; exposure to high noise levels, various temperature levels (high heat in summer months, low heat in winter), wet/slippery floors, broken glass; exposure to hot fluids, live steam, particulate atmospheres, pressurized vessels and transfer lines.

Next Steps
If you are committed to working for a company dedicated to safety, quality, customer service, continuous improvement, and of course making amazing craft beer, you may be a good fit for our team. Please visit us at to apply. No cold calls please. Background checks, physical aptitude test and a hair drug screen may be required.

North American Breweries offers a competitive compensation package, generous benefits including medical, dental, vision, paid time off as well as a 401(k) retirement plan with employer matching.

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