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Thread: best chiller

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    biz82 Guest

    best chiller

    I was wondering if anyone had a preference on chillers and what the major issues were in models. I am looking at an unused Remcor for cheap but have been told for no specific reason that they are no good.

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    What size chiller are you looking for? A small unit for beer lines or a brewery size chiller for tanks? Nordic makes some nice small chillers for beer line chilling, I would definately suggest the water cooled models, I have not had any problems with my water cooled unit as opposed to quite a few with the air cooled units. The maintenance is lower on the water cooled models as well.
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    biz82 Guest

    Question chiller

    I need a chiller to cool 4 7bbl fermenters. I have been told that a 5-8 ton unit (55,000 btu/hr- 75,000btu/hr) would be sufficient. Mr. Willey, is there a high water usege in a water cooled system?
    I actually have one of those old water cooled milk chilling tanks, but my refridgeration guy tells me that I would waste alot of money on water usage.

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    unless you are using your chiller for knockout, that's way more than enough. I think a chiller around 20,000 btuh would be sufficient.

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