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Thread: Seeking Brewhouse Manager in Brooklyn, NYC

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    Seeking Brewhouse Manager in Brooklyn, NYC

    Sixpoint Brewery
    40 Van Dyke Street
    Brooklyn NYC 11231

    POSITION: Brewhouse Manager

    POSTING DATE: August 1st, 2011

    Sixpoint Brewery is a craft brewery located within the fountainhead of global culture - NYC. Over the past six and a half years Sixpoint has grown very rapidly, and the dynamic team of Sixpoint brewers has carved out a veritable niche. Currently, Sixpoint is seeking a specific skill set and personality to help envelope and guide the brewing traditions and flavors it seeks to perpetuate and proliferate to its customers.

    Specifically, we are seeking a “Brewhouse Manager.” Although breweries may use titles such as “Head Brewer” or “Brewmaster” or “Production Manager” interchangeably, we believe each position is tailored specifically to that particular crew of people. At Sixpoint, our “Brewhouse Manager” is ideally someone who has an abundance of experience, but perhaps no longer the drive or physical capacity to micromanage and perform the physical aspects of brewing in a non-automated craft brewhouse. Instead, this person would focus, funnel, and harness his/her wisdom, collective experiences, and guidance to direct and manage a team of brewers. This person would effectively know the art of management, and distill the passion he/she has into the team, and achieve results by leading through example.

    Sixpoint Brewery is an artisanal craft brewery, with an emphasis on high quality, unique and inspired ales sourced from top notch ingredients. The brewing approach is inspired from the world’s great brewing cultures and traditions, yet undeniably filtered through the lens of creative homebrewers, with the mark of craftsmanship and technical mastery. The aim and intention is to produce a spectrum of delicious, inspired beers for the local community and the future tasting room.

    The ideal candidate will be first and foremost a “people person” - sensitive to the needs of those who work with him/her, and generating positive results by cultivating strong esprit de corps rather than resorting to threats or intimidation. Of course, a genuine and undying passion for craft beer is paramount and goes without saying! Of secondary importance is supreme organizational skills and the desire to cultivate positive, long-lasting relationships with suppliers, customers, and the rest of the staff. Brotherhood in the brewhouse. Your main task, in this regard, is to make sure your team of brewers have everything they need to make delicious beer safely, efficiently, and happily.

    You will be expected to have a minimum of five years professional brewing experience. Please, we do not count internships, volunteering, or homebrewing as professional brewing experience. We’d like to reiterate that this is a management position - the more expansive your experience and track record you have with working with and managing people, the more qualified you are.

    Essential duties included, but are not limited to:

    Brew Scheduling and Staff Management

    • Determines Brewing Schedule and Shifts

    • Trains, guides, and mentors Brewing Staff - you are a “player coach”

    • Develops, implements, and enforces safety standards. Protecting the staff is paramount.

    • Willing to step in on an “as-needed” basis in the brewhouse

    • Works to develop new product recipes and processes.

    • Oversees maintenance of brewing and milling equipment

    • Schedules and develops Preventative Maintenance routines

    • Schedules and develops equipment calibration procedures.

    • Troubleshoots equipment problems within the department.

    • Coordinates the research and development department - pilot brews

    • Develops, refines CIP, COP and general housekeeping cleaning procedures

    • Technical brewery knowledge resource - mechanically inclined!

    • Develops and updates Standard Operating Procedures for department

    • Builds relationships with ingredient suppliers, experiments with new ingredients

    • Coordinates the quarterly production reports for the TTB

    • Brewing Formulation Development

    • Adjusts brewing formulation to compensate for changing raw materials.

    • Meet with brewers on a regular basis to do tastings for sensory analysis

    • Occasionally gives tours of facility.

    Applications are accepted effective immediately and may be mailed to Interested applicants should email their full resume along with a cover letter explaining why they feel they are the ideal candidate for the job. If a cover letter and resume are not attached, or the criteria above are not met, the email will automatically be put into the trash. Please follow the directions for your sake and ours!

    Full benefits apply; salary commensurate with experience.

    Sixpoint is an equal opportunity employer.
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    Position has been filled.

    This position has been filled. Thanks to all who have applied.



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