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    Brewpub Design

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Ryanne Wiseman and I'm a senior at Western Michigan University. I am doing my final year long design project and I'm designing a brewpub restaurant. I just wanted any input on what should be included, any special ideas or requests, and anything that you can think of to set this brewpub apart from the one's already in business. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks everyone.


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    sounds like a fun project, I was finishing up Arch school when I decided to be a brewer instead...

    Some thing you could do would have the brewhouse positioned in the bar, without a glassed in wall, I dont see that very often in the US but I see it alot in Europe, It brings the customer in to the brewery. Of course the brewers couldnt brew while the bar wass open or could they?

    Maybe a raised platform in the the bar area where the brew house is situated, would be nice too. I saw on like that at a brewery in Pittsburg, valahara brewing co. which is closed now.

    Fermentation tanks are nice to look at as well, so try to blend them into the enviroment.

    Make sure you have a nice section of that...

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    If my beer-soaked memory serves me, I seem to recall Breckenridge Brewing in LoDo in Denver had the brewhouse in the middle of the restaurant. I remember thinking at the time, "What if a hose clamp failed during cleaning or a transfer?"
    One thing I've always stressed in any brewery design is a linear flow of product: malt in one side of the building, product out the other. Just a thought......

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    I am surprised non separated brewery & bar has been seen anywhere but there we are. Some countries obviously don't have H&S and environmental hygiene police like we do in the UK. On H&S grounds, I consider it essential to separate the customers from the beer.

    Who wants to pick up cigarrette smoke in the beer ? (assumes you are based where public smoking is permitted. With the best will in the world, it will not be easy to ensure brewery plant is free of foreign bodies which some silly b******* thinks it would be fun to put in a vessel. Inevitably one day you will need to work during opening hours - not good new splashing cleaning chemicals or perhaps malt dust etc around. It also means you may have to have to drag hoses, pumps, etc etc out of the way, across a public access area before and after every brewing / cleaning session. I (and plenty of others I suspect) could go on.

    Nice idea though.. If you really want to allow / encourage people to have a look round, then arrange presentations / tours - perhaps even charge for them


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    We are putting sliding glass doors between the brewhouse and customer area. When nothing much is going on, we can open the doors (with a suitable lockable rope!). We are also setting the brewhouse back from these doors, so if something is going on, there is a vewing possibility. At least the customer's senses can be teased! When anything serious/dangerous is happening, we can close (and locK!) these doors.

    We hope this works...

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    The first thing that comes to mind, for your part of the world, there are some nice "looking" and some practical "tower" breweries around. (i.e., Bass "micro" brewery, England and Mount Murray brewery(Busy's), Isle of Man.)

    We have are brewery visable from the outside(carpark), foyer and inside. ( not much to hide)

    Be sure to include all aspects to your design, looks, Effiecency, Profit potential, legal, enviromental, etc.(ask, not just brewers here, but cival, mechanical, electrical, I&C, engineers and other deciplines too)

    Would be interested in what comes out of you class.

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