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Thread: BTU to chill TWO 7 BBL Fermenter

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    BTU to chill TWO 7 BBL Fermenter

    I understand that their are many variables involved, but can anyone give me a general idea as to how big of a system I need to cool two 7bbl fermenters.

    Highest ambient temp in brewery would be 70 degrees Fahrenheit
    Primary Fermentation generally at 68 degrees
    Will only ever have one in "Crash" at a time (34 degrees)

    I am looking at Micro Matic Power Packs which are designed for cooling long draft lines. They are inexpensive and "plug and play".

    Could a 2600 BTU power pack handle this?

    Would a gylcol pump flowing 80 gph flow enough fluid to cool both units?

    What about a 5000 BTU powerpack?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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    so I found an equation.

    dropping temp from 70 to 35= 35 degree difference (delta)

    divided by efficiency (assumes 70% efficiency) (35 / .70) = 50

    convert gallons to pounds (217 gallons (7bbls) x 8 lbs) = 1736 lbs of wort

    pounds x delta (1736 x 50) = 86,800 BTUs

    convert to BTU hours divide by 24 = 3616 BTU/Hour

    Thats the cooling requirements of one 7 BBL fermenter going into crash.

    Does that sound right? is 70% efficiency a good number?
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    I have micromatic 1/3hp chillers running one each on my 3BBL fermenters and they work great. I recently purchased a 3/4hp chiller to run two 10BBL fermenters at the same time. I will let you know how it goes.

    FYI the chillers from Foxx Equipment are significantly less expensive. The micromatic ones may last longer, who knows, but draft lines chillers to cool fermenters is a short term option till we install a large central chiller.

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    Same animal, much cheaper, will work fine for primary, crashing takes 48 hours for 15 bbls of beer.

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