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Thread: WANTED: 2 to 6 Head Gravity Wine Filler

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    WANTED: 2 to 6 Head Gravity Wine Filler

    Looking for a manual 2 to 6 head gravity filler typically used in the wine industry. Must be able to fill to a set height (i.e. not volume-based) and work with 750ml belgian style bottles.

    If you've upgraded to a automatic or semi-automatic system and have one of these sitting around, please get in touch!

    Chris Tkach
    Idle Hands Craft Ales

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    Gravity filler

    Hi Chris,

    Have you used a gravity type filler for carbonated liquids?
    Will it work from a pressurized tank?

    Thanks in advance for anybody with knowledge on this.

    I am trying to find a cost effective way to fill bottles with a less bubbly liquid than beer, but still be able to draw from a pressurized tank. I am currently using a Blickman hand type filler but it is very slow....


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