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Thread: Beer and Cheese tasting

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    Beer and Cheese tasting

    Has anyone done one at their pub? Any advice for me on putting one on? I have a local shop owner helping me with this (she owns a British Specialty shop) by ordering several of the cheeses and Co-Producing the event. While I love both beer and cheese and am quite verbose, I am wandering into new territory here. Hmmmmm, where is Garrett Oliver when you need him!

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    Beer and Cheese

    Hi Brewmonkey,

    if you can read french, there's an excellent book on the subject, '' Épousailles bières et fromages '' written by Mario D'Eer. You can order this book from :

    Cheers !


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    Beer and Cheese Tastings

    We done several beer and cheese tastings at Boscos and had lot’s of success with that event. Last year we had Fred Eckhardt visiting us in Nashville, and after he tasted a Camembert cheese with our Bombay IPA, his comments: “A marriage made in heaven”. You see, now you have already one pairing.
    Also, Bleu and cheddar cheese goes well with Scottish ale;
    I served Cheddar with a lighter beer, our Famous Flaming Stone Beer. I served aged chevre, such as taupiere or Fourmes, with our
    Germantown Alt.
    If you contact ALL ABOUT BEER, they will tell you how you can get
    a hold of Fred Eckhardt, which conducted the first beer and cheese tastings I know of. He could give you more advise.
    If you need more help, please contact me.

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    Cool Beer & Cheese

    Check out this link.

    I believe it's the article from All About Beer.

    Please keep us posted on how it goes.


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