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Thread: Embossed kegs

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    Embossed kegs

    Anyone just using welded beads to cover up the previous owners names and do you need to have it on both sides? Personally I just want to use duct tape since it works for everything else....

    On a side note, all of my kegs are from defunct breweries or ones that do not distribute in my state, the previous brewery didn't do anything with them.

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    It will take more than one pass with a welder to obscure the name. Keep cleanability in mind if it matters to you.

    Duct tape is very cheap and easy, and if it is consistent with the quality image you want to portray, it is ideal. Something like 10 mil pipe wrap tape would be more durable, but might look weirder.

    Regarding using the kegs from out of your area brewers that are still in business, imagine if you scraped together the $160 each to buy fancy kegs with your name on them, and then traveled to another city and saw another brewer using one of your missing kegs... how would you feel about it?

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