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Thread: Help need a grain mill...

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    Help need a grain mill...

    I am a small upstart brewery in Beaumont, TX. I started with a small grain mill that has now seen its better days. I am interested in finding a new one. Nothing huge, crazy or expensive. Maybe 15-25 lbs/ minute. Anyone have a spare or an old one laying around? I can motorize.

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    Malt mill needed!

    I bought a 12" mill from this fellow and the quality is real nice. You can view it in action here:
    Here is his contact information:
    jimboney58 at yahoo dot com
    I have not yet got mine going but it looks great and he is great to work with.
    Good luck with you new venture!
    John A. Huber
    John A. Huber Brewing Company
    hubrew at msn dot com

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    We got out mill from Jim about 3 months ago and it works great.
    Cut our milling time to 1/4 of what it was. A great guy to work with and he will only sell you what you need.


    Laht Neppur Brewing Co.
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    New mill for sale

    I've got a new mill and motor coming in a month that is too big for my grist hydrator. Can send pics and info if interested. It is a 3 phase 220 motor @ 20hp. Estimated for 30+ #/minute.
    Jon Messier | Lucid Brewing |
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