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Thread: Head Brewer Position Available in Michigan

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    Head Brewer Position Available in Michigan

    Silver Jack’s Brewing Company is a startup brewery, in the Grand Rapids area, that is in the midst of finalizing a team of hard working and dedicated professionals with the intent for production and distribution of exceptional quality ales and lagers. We are seeking an experienced brewer from Michigan that will be able to handle the rigorous production demands of a brewery that hopes to produce several thousand bbl's in their first full year. This is an opportunity to be involved with a brewery from the ground up and the brewer will be able to heavily influence the styles of beer produced, branding ideas, and general direction of the brewery.


    * Must have no less than two years experience in a brewing facility.

    * Must be able to design and manufacture both ales and lagers.

    * Must be well versed with the operation of large scale brewing equipment, any experience with German brewing equipment is a plus.

    * Must be flexible with work schedule as some days may require 12 plus hours in order to meet production demand.

    * Background experience in a production facility, and or knowledge of scientific practice as related to brewing applications is a plus.

    * Must have an eye toward quality control and consistency, as well as a passion for brewing excellence.

    Any responses to this Ad must include any and all qualifications as well as salary requirements.

    Send resumes and responses to
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