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Thread: SABMiller Takeover?? Is this a joke?

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    SABMiller Takeover?? Is this a joke?

    Anybody seen this yet? Rumors are floating around saying InBev wanting to take over SABMiller. I guess their plan for world beer domination is starting to fall into place. I'm just waiting for the day that they come in and do a takeover of Sam Adams
    Jared Kueker
    Kaskaskia Brewing Company

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    The question is will the feds and the SEC allow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaskaskiaBrew
    ...I'm just waiting for the day that they come in and do a takeover of Sam Adams

    That would be a VERY sad day since Boston Brewing is certainly one of the better crafties out there, and I have little doubt that InBev would screw it up royally.
    However, if it ever did happen, I would have to congratulate Jim Koch for what would probably be a very nice payday.

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    Not all bad

    For those of you who remember your oligopoly theory, you'll realize that this type of consolidation increases price and decreases volume as the monopolist moves to maximize profit along the demand curve.

    Both of those things would be good for little brewers. And another note here: the AB distros have been complaining of decreased margins as ABInbev collapses them, and they will be forced to take and promote more craft brands in order to maintain profitability.

    One final thing: Boston is still tiny relative to these juggernauts. I know ABInbev just bought Goose Island, but I don't think that they're going to try and gobble up anybody else until their distros lose focus on the American Light brands.


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    Please don't go there with Sam Adams being bought! I would hate to see the debate about raising the barrelage definition for a craft brewer yet again.

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