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Thread: Mash Tun discharge

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    Mash Tun discharge

    Our mash tun currently uses a 10" iris valve with a rubber liner to control the discharge opening on the bottom. The valve is really intended for dry solids, not for semi-liquids. It tends to seep and it really doesn't like the CIP chemicals or the temperatures. The liners are only lasting about 4-6 months and they cost about $300 a pop. I've seen some mash tuns equipped with a slide valve for discharge but all the slide valves I find are either massive contraptions or, like the iris valves, they are designed for dry solids. Does anyone have a source for a low profile slide valve that can seal against a liquid or a better idea for a more reliable option?
    Steve Bradt
    Lawrence, KS

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    I sourced one a couple of years ago for our spent grain tank and it ended up being identical to the one on our DME mash tun. I am not at work now, but email me at and I will do a little digging.

    FYI, it was somewhere between $2500-$3000.

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