Can you imagine 40 years ago as was the market for specialty beers in the USA?
How was this lucrative and open market?
Yes good times!
For this is the reality today in Brazil in particular and Latin America, in Brazil alone are 195 million consumers with purchasing power for a few breweries.
The demand is much greater than the supply.
The concept of this special beer in full swing in an economy that just grows every day even in a crisis scenario of global indices point to the new El Dorado business.
I am of German descent with a long history in brewing, I am looking for a partner investor who really like the brewing industry and is willing to make this giant market together, and that this company is for generations.
I have all the knowledge and machinery required for manufacture of beer and all technical projects, and most importantly I have one of the best experts in the formulation of beers with a Masters in Germany and 38 years of experience AMBEV responsible for the quality of Brahma beer in America the south.
Goal is to manufacture and market small and medium units brewers giving all technical support in the formulation of specialty beers throughout South America, I am willing to accept an equity partner in the venture with 40% total.
If we really had an interest in a lot of money, and be part of a great brand, please contact that I can spend more details such as photos and other values.
Jonas E. balcon
Email: balconinox@hotmail.com