Are you an unemployed brewmaster or underemployed brewer? Have you been an assistant or head brewer for years but want your chance to shine and own a part of the company you brew for? Are you tired of brewing the same old ipas and pale ales? Well I have an opportunity for you... We’re Looking for an enthusiastic brew master with experience (and a siebel degree wouldn't hurt) and an assistant. We’ll be brewing in or near Chicago and attacking under exposed styles but still making an ipa because those are delicious. Please forward resume, along with a list of your five favorite beers, beer styles, bands, movies, charitable work and anything else about yourself. We’ll be working with you (and financially cutting you in aka partnering with you) and we want to make sure we don’t have personality clashes.

If you know of a disgruntled brewer, or a happy brewer thats wants his own place or if your a recent Siebel grad, drop me a PM or email me at address is